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Mountain Meadows Butcher Box


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Roam's signature selection of pasture-raised meats.

  • 1 x New York steak, 100% grass fed - 4K Ranch
  • 1 x flank steak, 100% grass fed - 4K Ranch
  • 1 lb ground beef, 100% grass fed - 4K Ranch
  • 1 x heirloom chicken - Cooks Venture
  • 4 x fresh Alsatian sausages - Rancho Llano Seco
  • 12 x organic pasture-raised eggs - Vital Farms
  • 1 lb heritage applewood smoked bacon - Compart Duroc
  • Frozen


Roam's quality pasture-raised steaks, cuts, and chops are 100% grass-fed with no hormones or antibiotics, sourced from family-owned ranches dedicated to humane and sustainable farming practices.

This item will arrive in a reusable tote bag with an ice pack.

On your delivery day, you will receive real-time text notifications as your order makes it's way to your door. If you have special delivery instructions, please include them at checkout.