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Frequently asked questions

Yes! We’ll group all of your meals into a single delivery, regardless of which restaurants your meals come from.
Order by Wednesday night at 8pm to receive your meals on Friday between 12-5pm.
Order by Wednesday night at 8pm to receive your meals on Friday between 12-5pm.
We deliver to San Francisco, the SF Peninsula, San Jose, Oakland, Berkeley, Alameda, and most of Marin County.
You'll receive text messages when our driver is on the way to your location and when they arrive! They're very friendly and can follow any specific delivery instructions that you provided at checkout.
You can leave your bag and ice pack outside your door during your next delivery.
Each restaurant has their own minimum. Please see the individual menus to learn more.
No, our meals are packaged in reusable insulated bags with ice packs.
So many reasons! On-demand delivery is more expensive, so you pay more money to get your food, and the drivers make less because they can’t do as many deliveries per hour. Also, with us you can order meals for the whole week at once.
Our batched, prescheduled delivery routes are much more efficient, which reduces our costs.
Our drivers work for us, and are often W-2 employees, not gig workers. Our prescheduled delivery routes provide them with stable hours, and we can afford to pay them fair wages.
Our service is the most sustainable of it’s kind. On average, our optimized delivery routes reduce CO2 emissions by 75%, compared to on-demand delivery services. Our reusable tote bags and ice packs are sanitized and reused many times, helping to keep plastic out of the ocean.
Send us a message and we'll get them onboard!

Still have questions? Please reach out below!